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High School Musical Cast List

High School Musical Cast List

                                High School Musical THE CAST

Troy Bolton                                           Will Lowery

Gabriella Montez                               Amelia Beckham

Sharpay Evans                                     Sophia Bonasso

Ryan Evans                                           J. Michael Carpenter

Taylor                                                      Kennedy Ray

Martha                                                   Maggie Emmendorfer

Jackie Scott                                           Danelle Henderson

Kelsi                                                         Madeline Bray

Mrs.  Darbus                                        Addison Nixon

Coach Bolton                                       Gavin Pollan

Chad                                                        Ty Kirk

Zeke                                                        Carson Scott

Jason                                                       Joshua Tarver


The Thespians

Jamey                                                     Eli Nichols

Susan                                                      Mackenzie Barbour

Cathy                                                      Sophie Faughnan

Alan                                                         TBA

Cyndra                                                    Zoe Gurney

Kratnoff                                                 Preston Riales

Ripper                                                     Nicole Bartley

Mongo                                                   Lucca Scarpace

Performance Artists                         TBA

ENSEMBLE (JOCKS AND BRAINIACS) :   Please note that many of you are on this cast list more than once.  Some of the musical numbers are divided into jocks and brainiacs only.   Therefore, we have divided the ensemble into Jocks and Brainiacs.   However, many of you will also be playing cheerleaders,  skater/emo kids , party kids, thespians ( in the audition scene)   etc.

Jocks and cheerleaders:

Peyton Tarver

Lucca Scarpace

Gabriella Scarpace

Angelina David

Breana Shelton

Morgen Story

Brooke Story

Kristin Stewart

Nadia Holt

Alexis Steelman

Zoe Gurney

Mia Avery-Kallenberger

Courtney Noisette

(also:  Troy, Chad, Zeke)


Nicole Bartley

Faith Tidwell

Mackenzie Barbour

Sophie Faughnan

Avery Dunavant

Taylor Ann Carpenter

Abby Hetherington

Eli Nichols

Molly Waugh

Laura Beth Baker

Jamey Ryan

Preston Riales

Leah Rumptz

Anna Baccus

Also  ( Gabriella,  Taylor, Martha,  Jackie scott) 

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