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Sensory Friendly Performances

August 3rd at 10 AM

October 26th at 10 AM


With our 2015-16 Season, New Day began a new program to reach even more families in our community. New Day believes in sharing the benefits of theatre with all children in our community.  Unfortunately, some children are unable to attend theatre performances because of a disability or sensory processing difference such as autism.  Children with neurodiversity can find the loud noises, lighting and other stimulus during a theatrical performance difficult and even scary at times.  New Day wants to ensure that children with sensory processing differences and disabilities have an opportunity to experience performing arts in a safe, judgement-free environment. Sensory-friendly performances are designed to create a performing arts experience that is welcoming to all families with children with autism or with other illnesses or disabilities that create sensory sensitivities. An experience that a family can enjoy together.


 Sensory Friendly Performances presented with help from a grant from AutoZone

If you have any questions or would like to find out how your organization can benefit from this wonderful program email


In general accommodations for these performances may include:

  • Lower sound level, especially for startling or loud sounds;
  • Lights remain on at a low level in the theater during the performance;
  • A reduction of strobe lighting or lighting focused on the audience;
  • Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance;
  • Designated quiet areas within the theater;
  • Space throughout the theater for standing and movement.


peter“Thank you and all involved for thinking of us and other special needs families in the sensory friendly free performance Saturday. It can be very challenging to try new things with many in the spectrum and other disabilities. You can spend a lot of money for very frustrating unexpected behavioral eruptions. You have given us an opportunity for another venue of the arts that I don’t know if I would have risked otherwise.”


What's Childhood Without a Little Drama?